Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Psychedelic bugs

It was an ordinary Tuesday afternoon, but it felt as though I was in Wonderland, or had been consuming too many magic mushrooms. As I left the house, I was greeted by an acid-green caterpillar who was proceeding in a determined fashion across the doorstep. A more outlandish thing I haven't seen in a long time. It had a spike on its tail and was about seven centimetres long. It is apparently the larva of a privet hawk moth. I discovered this thanks to an amazing website called http://www.whatsthatcaterpillar.co.uk/

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Rover said...

Maybe that should be www.whatsthiscaterpillar.co.uk/
ie this rather than that ...
a very minor point, made only because your wonderful blog ought to have at least a few comments. Our last encounter with a privet hawk moth was when I eventually found one in our unkempt forsythia. Finding it took me about two weeks, during which I was providing the neighbours across the road with further evidence of my eccentricity by painstakingly looking at all the leaves, searching for it. I knew it was there somewhere because I had seen the distinctive caterpillar droppings on the tarmac underneath (about 2mm across and black). We put it in a jar until it pupated and then buried the pupa under a couple of inches of soil under the forsythia, where it probably would have gone to pupate had we left it alone. Hope it hatched ok. Rover