Sunday, 1 March 2009

Could it be Spring...

"Sunbeams scorching all the day" is a line from one of the best known Lent hymns. Although conditions today were hardly desert-like, the sun shone unreservedly all afternoon. We walked from Thurlestone to Hope Cove and back, and everything was filled with light and colour and intensity. The sea was a dazzling blue, and the fields an electric green. Hope Cove is just so charming it's not true. It has a tiny harbour wall, a tiny harbour master's office (pictured), and tiny thatched cottages.


neil said...

Sad place now. 30-40 years ago Inner Hope was a lively little fishing cove. The Jarvis Bros used to store their gear in the old lifeboat station, and launch from the slip. Used to clean fish in the stream just by the road.
Now its all holiday homes & lets, & totally ead in winter.
walking to Thurlestone (possible on the rocks at low tide) there used to be a wreck from 1915 which has gradually disappeared. I think you can stil see part of the boiler at very low sprong tides.
Good swim from Inner Hope to Outer Hope around Monk rock at high tide

Sophie said...

Thanks Neil for your interesting comments, I shall look out for the wreck next time I'm swimming there, will also try the swim around Monk Rock.