Sunday, 6 September 2009

Foray to Fowey

It's a classy swim when you get medals AND cakes.
I had heard on the swimmers' grapevine (well, from my friend Sue actually) about a charity race across the Fowey estuary. So a small group of us headed over the Tamar, where we found a brilliant trio of women dressed in old-fashioned swimsuits and flowery caps organising the event. It was a rare chance to swim in Fowey Harbour, which is exceptionally pretty; swimming there is normally banned. 86 of us, accompanied by canoes and various craft, swam to the other side of the estuary and back. We all got big gold medals and scrummy customised cupcakes afterwards. The latter courtesy of a local firm called Big Buns.


EUCLID said...

I was there also doing the harbour swim. My wife and I were on our first day of our holiday. We just got across to Fowey from Polruan on the ferry. My wife so a poster about the swim only 20 minutes before it was due to start. I was the 85th person to enter. However I didn't have my swimming gear with me so had to rush around the shops to quickly find a pair of suitable trunks to buy. I managed to find this just in the nick of time. I got my medal, however I missed out on the cake! Thoroughly enjoyed the swim with the added bonus it was for a worthy cause.

Sophie said...

Ah, the true spirit of British heroism - dashing around for suitable trunks! It was a great event wasn't it?