Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Liquid gold

Today it felt like more like summer than spring. We swam in the West Dart at Huccaby, through water that seemed like liquid, translucent gold. The water was as clear as crystal. As the sun dazzled through the constantly moving water it was like watching an eternally moving kaleidoscope. (thanks to Anna for that particular observation). I made a little film of it, though it doesn't do it justice. It's another world under the water.


Sally said...

What a lovely gem of a film - it's amazing how much the sound and light conveys - and a gem of a blog too. I like your account of the raid on the swimming pool - they're rather stuffy at that hotel aren't they!

Sophie said...

Hi Sally - thanks! of course moments after I shot that the camera let in water...humph. Gorgeous place to swim though, with camera or not.