Sunday, 12 September 2010

Down the Dart

I was quite anxious about this swim. Four miles down the Dart from Totnes to Stoke Gabriel is a long way. However we were swimming at the top of the tide, going with the flow, and the whole thing was simply glorious. The Dart estuary is magnificent. It flows majestically towards the sea, past marshes, reed beds and green rolling hills. As we neared Stoke Gabriel the river started to metamorphose; the water became more salty, the banks became more rocky and strands of kelp started to brush our faces. Around 30 of us did the swim, which was organised by the lovely Olivia. Thanks Olivia! We ended up at the ideally placed River Shack where we tucked into scrumptious bacon butties and other goodies.


AquaMarina said...

was this the OSS swim Sophie? sounds great!

Sophie said...

Ironically, not! It was a sort of 'locals' one which coincidentally had been planned for this weekend for months. Then the OSS one came along as well - like buses, you can't get any then two come along at once! I swam it on the Saturday, then helped out at the OSS one on the Sunday (muscles aching the while)

AquaMarina said...

well done y'all! I bet the river hasn't seen so much action in ages :@)