Monday, 1 August 2011

Swimming the ruins

Hallsands is a ruined village right down near Start Point; it was swept away after shingle was dredged along the coast nearby to build the dockyard in Plymouth. All that remains is the shells of the buildings. It isn't accessible by foot, so we swam there. It was beautiful. The sea was clear and calm; we swam along from North Hallsands and soon the ruins were looming above us, on a great platform of rock. It must have been a tough old life living there and it was a moving experience looking up at the buildings. There is some wonderful old film of the last inhabitants by British Pathe which you can see online here.


Alastair said...

I've just discovered your blog - what a great topic! I wish I lived by the sea and could do more wild swimming. I do what I can though -

Sophie said...

Fabulous pix - what adventures you have!