Sunday, 15 December 2013

Exploration around the Armchair

There were white horses out in the middle of Tor Bay, but down in the little cove sheltered by Armchair Rock, the sea was pretty calm, apart from a gentle swell as we waded in.   This place is special, a secluded lagoon with intricate rock formations like coral, with a maze of rocky channels to explore. We swam through one, admiring the unnaturally flat wall of rock which bordered us on one side, while trying to avoid injuries as we scrambled over the shallower bits.  We came back through into the main lagoon where Karen and Jo jumped off the Armchair; this is a great spot for diving at high water.

Thanks to Jo for the top picture.


sam brightwell said...

Your blog is so lovely. I'm a wild swimmer in Dorset but now I'm thinking I should move to Devon!
I just wish your photos were bigger on your blog as they really are wonderful.

sam brightwell said...
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Sophie said...

Thank you Sam! Do you know that if you double click on the photos you can see them in all their glory!! Come and join us for some swims in Devon sometime. Sophie

Elwood Blues said...

Looks like it was a good swim, which way did you get there in the end (in other words, were my directions any good?).

The rock face is flat because it is an extension of the fault that runs right back along the coast towards Broadsands. Broadly, limestone (grey if you knock the yellow surface off) on the seaward side, volcanic ash deposits (red-brown-black) make up the cliff.

Sophie said...

Yes it was lovely - we walked from Broadsands as I felt it was easier with a large group to park there. Really interesting about the rock face, thank you