Sunday, 6 July 2014

The secret swimming pool

When we arrived at Anstey's Cove it was picture perfect.  Emerald sea like a pond.   Sun sizzling on the horizon.  The mysterious stone pinnacle - aka the Witch's Hat - beckoning us.   We swam across the bay, chatting, and enjoying the warmth of the water, towards the secret entrance to the hidden cave.  Last time we tried to get in, there was too much of a swell, but today the sea was calm.  As we swam into the gulley towards the cave the colour of the water intensified.  We climbed through the gap, and there was the secret pool, with its skylight above.  We floated, our voices echoing, and then dived down to look at the pebbles below.  Thanks to Richard Lowerson for the pictures.  And you can see a video below.


Harriet Bee said...

I need to find this place! Is it easy to find?

Sophie said...

it's easy when you know how....from Anstey's Cove swim across to the rocks at Long Quarry Point - just by the really pointed rock - aka the Witch's Hat - to the right, there is a channel/gully - swim up here and at the end you can climbe into the Secret Swimming Pool! Needs to be a low tide or an hour or two either side