Monday, 4 August 2014

Through the arch

I've been in Morocco, dodging waves in the desert surf, so was looking forward to some calmer seas for swimming explorations back home.  I haven't been to Thurlestone Rock for ages, so Anna and I set off, planning to swim over the reef and out to the Arch.   I'd looked on the webcam, and all looked calm, but when we got there it was pretty lively, with a westerly wind creating white horses across the bay.   We got in to lovely lukewarm bathwater temperature sea, and swam around channels in the reef, admiring the seaweeds' coats of many colours before heading out the the Arch where it started to get quite lumpy.  The swell was exhilarating though and as it pushed me 'through the eye of the needle' it was just wonderfully exciting to be dwarfed by the majestic rock towering above me.  Once through I was in shadow, but swam around back into the sunlight to do the whole thing all over again.

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