Monday, 29 September 2014

The dog's blog

Today my friend Catherine's black labrador Jessie became the first dog to swim around Burgh Island.  Quite historic I think you'll agree.   She started off by trying to herd us all together, and then realised she was on a hiding to nothing, and so kept as close to Catherine as she could.  She was incredibly fast - none of us could keep up - although she did keep getting out onto the rocks for rests.  She would then re-enter the water with a huge leap, making a massive splosh.  After watching her technique underwater  Kari observed that she looked like a 'prancing Icelandic pony'.   Dogs aside, it was the most beautiful swim, in perfect conditions. The sea was flat calm and warm - 17.9 degrees - with fairly good visibility, so we had the perfect pootling circumnavigation, chatting, exploring gullies and pools, watching the shiny brown kelp swaying underneath us, and watching cormorants and seagulls. 

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