Monday, 5 January 2015

Into the Juliet Cave

It was grey and wet, a not very inspiring day for a swim, but Anne had suggested a dip at Oddicombe, Torquay.  When we got there the sea was flat and the sun was trying to break through...though it was still drizzling.  We changed under the shelter of the boarded-up cafe, and walked down to the water, where the shingle shelved sharply as we got in.  The sea was lovely, not too cold and we bobbed about for a bit before heading to the northern end of the beach to look at the old Gentlemen's Bathing Place and the Juliet Cave.  The latter is so-called because you can climb into an 'upstairs' which has a 'balcony' overlooking the sea below.  It was very dark inside but a great thrill to get in and look down, like Juliet, from above. I did a little video which you can see below.  I decided to walk back along the beach as I was finding it very difficult to swim as I was wearing a wetsuit, and on the way noticed the perfect little natural footbath - it even had indentations around it for 'seats'.

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