Sunday, 5 April 2015

Wind-whipped at Wonwell

 There was no getting around it. It was a foul day.  But sometimes you just have to stick to your plans. And so it was that Rachel, Lynne, Tara and I (plus our canine compansions Honey and Tapper) set off from the remote village of Kingston in the South Hams to walk down to Westcombe Beach, then to Wonwell Beach at the mouth of the Erme estuary, and back to the village. In the old days there was lots of smuggling down here, and the track we followed from the village to the beach felt very well worn - and was extremely muddy.  At this point we were pretty well sheltered from the wind but when we got to Westcombe there was no hiding from it.  The waves foamed constantly on the shore and our faces got a veritable whipping.   The facial massage continued as we ascended the coast path (virtually vertically!) and around to Wonwell, where we bravely entered the water for, in my case at least, a very short-lived swim.

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