Monday, 14 September 2015

Where has the summer gone?

Near Start Point
North Teign
Well, I know where it's gone, I've been busy swimming, and working on a new book of wild swimming walks with my pal Matt Newbury, assisted by all our amazing Devon swimming friends.  It's been an uphill task at times, as the weather has not exactly been helpful.  Trying to find routes and look at ancient Dartmoor monuments in thick fog - in August - well, we had to give it up as a bad job in the end, but not before getting a dip in  (we're made of stern stuff).  At other times the sun shone and we had great times camping, getting burnt and finding new routes along the incredible Devon coastline.  Here are a few (unedited) photographic highlights which I think illustrate the vagaries of the Great British Weather. I hope to resume normal blogging service soon.
Woodcombe Sands

Red Lake
Home turf: the Dart


Anna said...

Lets look forward to some wonderful misty, rainy, chilly atmospheric winter swims! xx

Sophie said...

Yes - absolutely!