Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Victory for the Dart Divas!

A duo of Divas, nearly caught inflagrante
Picture Pam Barrett
It was the inaugural Buckfastleigh Ice Gala.  Swimmers from all over Devon and as far away as London descended on the town's lovely pool for various races, fancy dress fun and jacket potatoes.  Far from being icy, the water was relatively warm at 8.6 degrees. Rachel, Yaara, Judy and I entered for a laugh, calling ourselves the Dart Divas, on account of our regular weekly swim at Spitchwick.   We decided to go for the glam look, attiring ourselves in black and white swimsuits, strings of pearls and a lot of lippy (Rachel went the extra mile, accessorising her outfit with a feather boa and a long cigarette holder).   To our utter amazement we won  our relay race, thrashing not only the Heavitree Swimmers, NAC Borneo 3 (whoever they were), but the much feared Stoke Screamers. And then, to cap that, we won first prize for fancy dress.  All too fabulous for words

The Greatly Feared Stoke Screamers
Picture Pam Barrett
The Dart Divas
Picture Pam Barrett

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