Monday, 28 November 2016

Pottering around at Heybrook Bay

We set off to explore the coastline between Wembury and Heybrook Bay.  It's a bit of the South Devon coastpath I've never explored before, and what a revelation.  The path is pretty much at sea level, and you walk along marvelling at the beautifully intricate pattern of rocky outcrops and numerous little bays, like natural lidos .  At Wembury Point, we saw a display board which said there was a holiday camp here in the 30s - complete with a man-made lido, the remains of which we could see.   The sky changed constantly, as it does on winter afternoons, with the 'eye of God' - the sun's rays - giving a dramatic appearance to the Mewstone offshore.   In Heybrook Bay, the water was incredibly clear and we had a deliciously refreshing swim, in which we explored in and around the numerous channels and pools.  A lovely afternoon out.

The old lido

The remains of the old lido today

Natural lido
Heybrook Bay from coastpath


gillywilly said...

Looks lovely, Sophie. How long did you stay in for? I'm finding the water still divine for swimming in, but it's taking increasingly longer to warm up afterwards!

(Incidentally, my mum and dad stayed in a chalet at the Wembury holiday camp you mention, during the 1950s.)

Sophie said...

Remarkably we stayed in about 20 minutes! It was just fascinating swimming around and exploring all the rocky channels etc. Great to hear your parents stayed at the camp!