Sunday, 18 January 2009

Fearsome Foggintor

Friends who recently visited Foggintor Quarry described it as "a strange, rather creepy place", so naturally we were keen to go, and swim in it of course. As we trudged across the High Moor, whipped by icy winds, the thought of stripping off and plunging in seemed increasingly unattractive. However, once inside the quarry, there was no wind. It was very sheltered and very quiet with a calm beauty about it. Apparently stone quarried from here was used to build Nelson's Column. If you look carefully at the second picture you will see four small dots like pebbles in the water. That's us.


neil said...

would be very grateful for a google map ref for this one. would very much like to swim it. Many thanks

Sophie said...

Hi Neil, the ordnance survey grid ref SX567749 will take you to a car park on the B3357 between Two Bridges and Tavistock, it's the car park by the Pump House. Take the track directly south and you will hit Foggintor.