Thursday, 1 January 2009

Mind the Gap

Thurlestone Rock is a graceful arch just a short way out from the beach; swimming to it - and through it - was our New Year's quest. We were also celebrating a year of group outdoor swimming. Twelve months ago today, several of us plunged into the sea at Bantham (three, including me, getting caught in a rip current in the process - a somewhat inauspicious start). That was the first of many swims around Devon together. Today eleven of us swam at Thurlestone; the sea was grey and every seventh wave was a crasher. Five of us, (not including me) made it through the gap in the arch. Afterwards we had a big fire on the beach, and drank a variety of reviving tipples including coffee, chocolate, soup, brandy and bubbly. What could be be more worthy of celebration than friendship and swimming?

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