Saturday, 15 May 2010

Totnes Groove

Saw a rather groovy band busking while out shopping in Totnes today. They are called "Not Now Bernard". I spent a lot of time dredging the recesses of my brain trying to get the reference. Eventually I remembered the the character Bernard in Four Weddings and A Funeral: a hapless and hopeless but rather charming man. In fact, Aqua Marina (see comments) tells me this is the name of a children's book about a little boy who is ignored by his parents. Thanks Aqua!


Aqua Marina said...

I thought the reference might be to the children's story by David McKee - Bernard's parents were always busy and didn't pay attention to him. One day a monster ate him and moved into his room but his parents didn't notice the difference! My kids always found that story very sad. So did I :(

Aqua Marina said...

You're welcome! I followed your link to the band and they look about the age of my eldest (she's 22) so maybe it was a story that scarred their childhoods as well!

Benny said...

A nail seems to have been struck on the head. Nice work Aqua.

Benny (Not Now BassPlayer)

Aqua Marina said...

Why thank you, Benny! it's a good story isn't it? great pictures, but even the monster is sad. A cautionary tale for all parents.
I'll look out for your band on Jools Holland!