Sunday, 6 May 2012

Shags, Rocks and Triangles

North Easterly winds were blasting Torbay and so we switched the location of our swim to Meadfoot Beach, where the sea wasn't quite so rough. We found the perfect changing area under the beach huts, and met friendly beach manager Mike, who even fitted up the shower for us. We could see Shag Rock like a shark's fin in the distance. We swam out through bouncing seas, swallowing rather too many mouthfuls of water on the way. Up close, the rock is majestic, bearing down on you with its stark layers poised precariously at a 45 degree angle to the sea. We then swam on to West Shag Rock - like Shag Rock's kid brother - before swimming back past Triangle Point, which is again, another massive slab of angles. Afterwards we warmed up in the lovely cafe, clutching mugs of tea and scoffing sausage and chips.


Grazing Kate said...

Hello from a fellow South Devon blogger! Just discovered your blog. My husband is a keen swimmer so we'll follow your site with interest now we've found it. We are off to the Crab Shack for the first time soon, so I was pleased to read your good review of it. Best wishes, Kate

Sophie said...

Enjoy the Crab Shack - it's great. Thanks, Sophie