Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Swimming to Shoalstone

Matt, Rachel and I entered the water at Breakwater Beach in Brixham on one of the lowest tides for several months. Weird and wonderful rocks were revealed; the water was calm, perfect for exploring, but still milky looking, due to the rough seas we've had of late. We swam past architectural oddities; old steps that now go nowhere, seemingly redundant arches, and rows of sandbags squashed into the cliff. We arrived at glorious Shoalstone Pool, an art deco gem, and climbed up off the rocky outcrop on which it sits, scrambling, guerilla-style, over the railings. We found the pool empty, and being lovingly painted by Mark and Kevin, from the Friends of Shoalstone Pool. They told us it's all hands to the pump to try and get the pool ready; lots of people are rallying round, including the Berry Head coastguard team. They're even using trawler paint for some of the work, and are appealing for anyone who can help in any way to get in touch. In previous years the pool has been open by now, but the council says in 2012 it will only be open for the six weeks of the school holidays.

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