Monday, 18 June 2012

Wild lido

Art and swimming coincided in a 'pop up lido' at an isolated, mysterious lake in the middle of Dartmoor. Artist Alex Murdin put up a lifeguard's chair, red flag and parasol at Crazywell Pool, and scores of swimmers came along to take part in the 'living artwork'. (at this point I have to declare an interest: the artist is my other half). The lifeguard's chair broadcast a temporary radio station - Crazywell FM - which people tuned into on their portable radios, to hear whale song, health and safety advice, and other information. There are many legends about Crazywell: that it is tidal, rising and falling via a secret underground passage which links to Plymouth Sound about ten miles south; that it is bottomless; and that at dusk the waters call out the name of the next parishioner to die. Perhaps there'll now be a new legend to add to the list: on a June's day a strange red flag appears along with a lifeguard's chair...why? Nobody knows...

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