Monday, 2 July 2012

The Secret Six at Sugary Cove

It sounds like an Enid Blyton adventure and it was. Who needs Kirrin Island when you've got Sugary Cove? We followed steps through the trees down to the hidden beach. The sea was an incredible pine green, the purple and grey rocks loomed above us, and we set off through the delicious clear water on our adventure. Through a parting in the rocks we glimpsed a secret tunnel, leading to the next cove, and swam through it, a deep chasm, like travelling through a watery corridor. The rock faces below were dramatic, plunging away into the depths. We arrived at Castle Cove where we found a sea cave with a dark internal pool. No sign of Uncle Quentin's stash though.


wildwomanswimming said...

Love the Enid Blyton! Thanks for a fabulous swim x

Sophie said...

It was absolutely spiffing wasn't it! xx