Monday, 17 December 2012

Santa swimming

We were meeting for a reprise of our Christmas swim last year.  The venue was the same - Burgh Island - and we were hoping to swim round.  But as soon as we drove over the brow of the hill and saw the water, I knew it was not to be.  Great herds of white horses were galloping over a huge brown sea; it just didn't look safe.   Dodging the showers, we assembled in our Santa garb and strode out over the empty sands to the surf, where we jumped and frolicked in the massive rollers.  We then headed off to the Mermaid Pool, hidden around the side of the island, for some calmer swimming and diving.  Thanks to all the wonderful Devon wild swimmers who brought good cheer as well as numerous mince pies, cakes and mulled cider.  Merrie Swimming!!!

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