Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sneaking in a swim

In this 'inbetweeny' time twixt Christmas and New Year it is good to get out and walk (and swim of course).  I try and engineer things so everyone is happy - and I get a swim in at the same time. Today we walked through the Valley of the Rocks between Watcombe and Maidencombe in Torquay.  The path plunges up and down through jungle-like woods, where ivy hangs everywhere and primitive ferms abound.  You squelch through brick red mud before arriving at the pretty beach at Maidencombe.  It was all very damp; I got changed beneath the cafe, getting muddy feet as I did so, and and headed down into the grey sea, which tasted exeptionally salty. I stuck my head in and swam towards the horizon, where two red cargo ships sat immobile.  Gannets, with their beautiful black wing tips, soared overhead. 

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