Sunday, 14 April 2013

Elberry antics

Sometimes you have to be just a little bit cunning when planning a swim.  Relentless rainy windy weather has resulted in unattractive seas, and after another spell away from Devon I wanted my homecoming dip to be as perfect as possible.  Cue forensic examination of the weather forecast, including intense assessment of wind direction, rain and various webcams, and I concluded Elberry Cove in Torbay would be the best bet.  Rachel and I met Jackie, Allan and Geoffrey over there, and were delighted to find brightening skies, and a flat sea with just a gentle swell.  The water was its usual special shade of green, as it always is over there, and we flung ourselves in, much to the amusement of various people sitting with their dogs on the beach.  As we swam, a gig boat hoved into view, with our friends Queenie and Trista on board, who'd come to say hello.


Elwood Blues said...

looks like fun was had by all, including those watching from the warmth of the beach.

The water is getting clearer, I was down at Saltern Cove at lunchtime.

But I too keep a close eye on the weather forcast, tide forecast, and web cams (are you watching the efforts to repair the sea wall at Corbyn Head on the webcam?).

I reckon lunchtime at Fishcombe cove on Friday is going to be about perfect this week: sheltered from the south-westerly, full sunshine but only a 3.9m

How did the book talk go last week?

Sophie said...

the talk went really well - great atmosphere - we touched on everything from the earliest pictures of swimmers - in a cave in Egypt - through to Byron's love of swimming as a way of satisfying the 'craving void'...and we even showed a beautiful video of Esther Williams doing one of her amazing water ballets...