Thursday, 4 April 2013

Restoring my factory settings

Life has conspired to take me away from my beloved Devon a lot lately.  Last time I got back I was  desperate to get back in the water, and we set off for Prawle Point, in Devon's southernmost parish, where the coastline is raw and rugged.  The rock formations are the colour of Dartmoor lichen,  and rather gothic, pointing and twisting into the sky like a scene from Lord of the Rings.  We climbed down to Elender Cove where I flung myself into the vigorous waves, the perfect restorative tonic.  At the same time I was trying out a new swimsuit given to me by the nice people at Simply Swim.  It's by Speedo, which I thought just did suits for whippet-thin athletes (unlike myself).  But no, they do a 'Sculpture' range suitable for the, ahem, 'fuller figure', ie perfect for me.  The suit is comfortable and flattering, and they claim it will last 10 times longer than normal because it's made of a special type of Lycra. I intend to test it to the max!


Elwood Blues said...

Hi Sophie,
Can I be very dull and say that if you look up on a map you will see that the beach you picture is properly Maceley Sand or Cove and Elender Cove is the next bit of the same bay towards Prawle Point.
You may need to go onto the 'old maps' website to get the detail as the Maceley Cove name seems to have vanished from more recent OS maps.

Sophie said...

Welcome to Pedants Corner! Actually you have cleared something up for me - have long been confused by the whole Elender/Maceley issue - I suspected that what I thought was Elender Cove was actually Maceley Cove so good to have that confirmed. As you say, Maceley appears nowhere on modern maps.

Elwood Blues said...

You may also have been to the next beach westward. That now appears on maps as Venerick's Cove. But if again you look at pre-1940s maps you will see the main beach is Moor Sand and Venerick's is just a tiny inlet behind the rocks at the Salcombe End. I find it amusing that it is called Moor Sand as it is the only beach up and down this stretch that is pebbles and not sand. Very pretty pebbles though, some are very highly polished.