Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Dart dipping

During the heatwave we've taken to swimming in the Dart pretty much every evening, and even though the temperatures have fallen and the rain has come, the lovely habit persists.  After all, if you live just a couple of miles from the Dart why not take daily advantage?  Today was particularly sweaty and sticky, and Rachel and I went down to a broad pool by Buckland Bridge.  The River Webburn bubbles into the pool, sending swirls of foamy blobs downstream.  We swam up against the current, watching fish jump, before turning and floating downstream.  Suddenly, ouch!  We hit the cold confluence of the two rivers.


Elwood Blues said...

The change in temperature is about 5 degrees I would guess. Have you tried the flume and pool about 100 yards downstream?

Sophie said...

No but I will go and do so very soon!