Monday, 5 August 2013

The Mermaids (and mermen) of Burgh

The anticipation was building;  all year we'd looked forward to it.  The "Official Round the Island Race" at Burgh Island.  And this year there was going to be a special section for 'most glamorous competitor".  Kari, Rachel and I had been planning our outfits for weeks.  Kari was to wear a specially designed 'rockpool' cap, I would be in my vintage costume, complete with fringing and pearls, and Rachel would be attired in a black and silver spandex dress with shoulder pads.  Woof! You can imagine our disappointment when we got a phone call in the morning saying the swim was cancelled because it was just too rough around the island.  Well, we thought, we shall go anyway, we can still pose and parade.  Which we did, draping one male companion, John, with grey beads,  and ourselves around the gates of the hotel.  (Our other male companion, Miguel, declined both peals and lipstick).  We then set off through the swell and waves to the Mermaid Pool, where the water was calm, warm and green....we swam to our hearts' content in there while the stormy seas raged around us.

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Elwood Blues said...

Good fun by the looks of it, I'm enjoying the river but missing the sea this summer.