Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My dear friend the Dart

I've been neglecting my great friend recently.  Don't know why really, I was constantly in the river during the heatwave, but in the last month I've just been in the sea.  So I was a bit apprehensive about getting back in the Dart again, having heard reports that the temperature has plummetted; indeed it's a little over half the temperature of the sea at the moment.  We went along to the Double Jacuzzi Pool, and I was last to get in, sliding in cautiously.  But to my great delight the water felt soft and silky - and really quite warm.  The big boulders below me looked fuzzy and out of focus.  The water has become less clear as the rain brings down mud and debris from higher up the Moor, and the boulders have acquired brown furry coats; no doubt I'll be doing the same in the next few weeks.


Elwood Blues said...

The sea was 17.9C on Wed and Sharrah 14.7C last night.
The water has cleared and you can again see the bottom over the whole pool.
It would of course be clearer but for the low mist and cloud.

Sophie said...

Wow. the river is so changeable at the moment. Such warm sea!