Sunday, 13 October 2013

Wild Watcombe

 Last time I swam at Watcombe, in Torquay, the sea was flat and crystal clear.  We pootled along the coast under the terracotta cliffs and explored caves and a swim-through where the light created remarkable psychedelic effects.  Ever since, I've been wanting to go back, but today's experience could not have been more different.  Brown, lumpy seas greeted us, and waves tried to topple us as we made our way in.  We swam out of the cove and along the coast, past White Beach and towards the caves, which spewed out white spray busily.  No way could we go in.  But the bounce and sheer freedom of being out in the elements more than made up for that.  It was quite a battle against the constant swell and we all got rather pooped. On our return to the beach we enjoyed various  bakery products (as Ellie called them): jam and custard donuts (thank you Jackie) and pecan muffins (thank you Karen) as well as rum and jelly babies provided by yours truly.


Elwood Blues said...

That's why I went to Durl Head Thursday. the wind has been north-easterly all week so building quite a rough sea though Durl Head creates its' own shelter so I swam all down to the caves in relative peace.
Then like a mill pond at Scabbacombe yesterday but the wind has gone right round.

Sophie said...

sounds fabulous, I really want to revisit Durl Rock. I'm sorry to read on your blog about about the recent copyright issues. I hope you get the blog up and running again soon, I miss it! (I tried to leave a comment the other day but got tangled up in problems trying to post)