Monday, 17 February 2014

Into the wild heart of the Moor

I love the excitement and anticipation of going off to find somewhere new.  I thought I knew about all the pools on Dartmoor but then I read about one I'd never come across before and determined to find it.  It was a miraculously sunny day in between all the storms, and our hike took us further and further into the Moor as the larks sang overhead.   It was such a clear day we could see the rivers and hut circles in the distance marked out like a map.  We followed a path but the final section of the journey involved a compass and a bit of bravery as we struck out across the mire in what we hoped was the right direction.  Soon, like a mirage ahead, we saw a patch of glistening light, and there it was, the Holy Grail of our quest, a beautiful pool on top of the Moor in total and glorious isolation.  


Dartmoor swimmer said...

Is this the puddle right out in the middle of the north moor that I've so far failed to get to?
Great morning wasn't it, I had to break the ice at Red Lake

Sophie said...

I don't think's more than a puddle and I wouldn't say it's in the North Moor, suffice to say it's in a more southerly direction...exact location to be revealed in the new book on Dartmoor I'm working on, to be published 2015....! Sorry to be a bit secretive - I'm not normally, but I'd like there to be some surprises in the book... Red Lake must have been awesome.