Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Swimming in the sun at London Bridge

My motto of the moment is 'seize the day'. The weather has been so appalling, with the sea and the rivers so dangerously out of character, that swimming simply hasn't been possible on many days in the last few weeks.  So when, out of nowhere, the sun appeared and the wind dropped, Jackie and I set off for an adventure to London Bridge, a natural rock arch in Torquay.  We changed in unbelievably warm sunshine on the old concrete bathing platform before clambering over the rocks to start our swim on the other side of Saddle Rock.  The water was milky turquoise and the sunlight glittered on the rock faces.  Although at a distance the sea had seemed flat calm there was quite a swell foaming through the Arch...I bounced through without a problem but didn't try and swim through the caves for fear of hitting my head.  As we swam back we chatted away, finding it hard to believe that this was a February afternoon in the middle of some of the worst storms for decades.
Thanks to Jackie for the picture.

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