Sunday, 16 March 2014

From Stone Age to Sci-Fi

I love discovering new places.  Today it was Mill Bay, a cove near Kingswear.  Richard had kindly organised the swim, and we were meeting by the post office in the village. Simple enough you might think, but there was the usual faffing about as we all tried to find each other, not helped by diversions and footpath closures.  Mark came up with the perfect collective noun: a dither of wild swimmers.  Eventually we all set off, with the pine-green waters of the Dart estuary glittering below, past increasingly grand houses festooned with palms and exotic plants.  Mill Bay was a revelation.  A u-shaped cove with a strange gothic building, which apparently was first a limekiln, then a mill, and finally a boathouse.  The sea was enticing.  It was flat calm and dappled with light, with glimpses of water through channels and interesting looking rocks.  Richard led us just a short way into the bay before disappearing off to the right.   We followed, and found ourselves swimming into an acute triangular cave which then opened out into a massive cavern before leading to another cave and out the other side.  We felt like cavemen and women, blundering around in the dark at the heart of the cavern, before slipping back into the water and swimming out to the light.   Looking back at the entrance to the second cave from the sea, it was just a slit in the rocks; you wouldn't imagine you could swim in. I've decided to call these the Tardis Caves. Thanks to Richard for a brilliant adventure.


Elwood Blues said...

Gorgeous day for it and it looks like quite an outing.

Richard said...

Glad to have been able to show all you guys the caves Sophie. It's through your blog (by way of the website) that I discovered the Devon Wild Swimmers and all your local swimming adventures. You guys have shown me some amazing swims(I now no longer believe that Torbay's a cultural desert!) and it feels good to have been able to return the favour :-)