Monday, 29 February 2016

The secret swim - with a bonus sea slug

Anna, Yaara and I were walking along the Salcombe estuary when we saw an enticing little gate in the hedge.  Well naturally we thought, 'what's down there?' especially as we were tantalisingly near the water.  We made our way down a very overgrown path, to find a metal gate at the bottom, which astonishingly wasn't locked. It led to some little stone steps down to the rocks and the deliciously alluring looking water.  The perfect swim spot! The sun was blazing and we went in off the rocks, just like you do in Turkey or Greece, and headed upstream where we found a lovely little beach.   It was the end to a perfect day, which had already started well when Anna and I had spotted what we later learnt was a sea lemon (a sort of sea slug) along with its eggs, which looked bizarrely like wontons.

Sea lemon top right and its eggs, bottom

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