Sunday, 13 March 2016

Spring at London Bridge

As we walked down the coastpath from Daddyhole Plain in Torquay, the view out to sea was hazy and almost eerie.  The sea was glassy and flat calm, and everything seemed rather blurred and dreamlike   As we got nearer the water, we got a sudden glimpse through the trees of  petrol-blue water.   Having made our way down through the sadly neglected and rubbish-strewn gardens above Peaked Tor Cove, we changed in the sun before setting out on our aquatic adventure to London Bridge, a natural arch that just cries out to be swum through.  The water was calm, clear and beautiful, and we swooshed through the channel between Saddle Rock and the coastline, before heading towards the majestic arch, which we swam underneath.  Out the other side, we swam further along the coast to a cave where the water gurgled in the crevices.

Thanks to Carole Whelan for the pictures.


Elwood Blues said...

Last summer there was someone living in what could only be described as a shack in the gardens. It is just such a great spot, only a shame it is neglected.

Sophie said...

Too right. It was all entangled in the trees and bushes, far worse than I've ever seen it.