Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year's Splash

Well a lot more than a splash actually. A gorgeous swim at Hope Cove, from Outer to Inner Hope, bathed in intense afternoon sunshine that at times was blinding. We met outside the Hope and Anchor pub, where there was a large crowd watching Morris dancers; a lovely congenial atmosphere, perfect for christening the New Year. We ran down the beach at Outer Hope, and waded in...the water wasn't cold and the swimming was fairly easy, though it was a little choppy round the rocks. We swam past the Old Priest and over Barney Bank (the former a rocky finger pointing out to sea, the latter a reef) heading south towards Inner Hope. It was so calm and clear we could swim at a leisurely pace, chatting and enjoying the scenery.

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Aqua Marina said...

Fantastic - it sounds lovely!