Saturday, 23 January 2010

A night out in Plymouth

We headed to the grand and beautiful Royal William Yard, formerly a victualling yard for the Navy, to see "The Pigs of Today are the Hams of Tomorrow", some performance art curated by Marina Abramovic. If a woman standing among a hundred pairs of shoes and slowly putting them on, a man sharpening knives in the shadows cast by a swinging bulb, and a butcher dealing with a dead pig are your thing, this was the place to be. We then heard an all-too-brief performance by the Plymouth Complaints Choir, whingeing on about everything from kids not tidying their rooms through to men wearing hats indoors. The evening finished with a meal at the Beijing Noodle Bar where my youngest son was harassed - but charmingly so - by the very cute 17 month old daughter of the head waitress, who kept trying to climb up onto his lap.

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