Sunday, 17 January 2010

Reaching the pinnacle

It was a return trip to Anstey's Cove in Torquay - Fawlty Towers and Agatha Christie country - where I'd swum on my own before Christmas. At the time I'd really wanted to swim out to a fairy tale pinnacle which beckoned me like a siren, but I feared doing it on my own. Today I was back there with friends and we made it our mission to swim out there. It was low tide and so we were able to climb round to Redgate Beach (closed to the public because the walkway has been washed away) and swim off there, along the spectacular cliff, to Long Quarry Point, home of the Pinnacle. It was beautiful. Watch the video!


Aqua Marina said...

Truly lovely! to look at ...and listen to

Sophie said...

Thank was really magical out there.