Saturday, 9 April 2011

Going with the flow

We floated down the Yealm estuary with the outgoing tide, watching the river bed speeding along below. White cockle shells studded the bottom, brown bladderwrack swayed as we passed, and we swam over nets full of oysters. Bird tracks were still highly visible on the muddy bottom, and there was a magical moment when two silvery grey mullet swam past, giving off an eerie glow. It was a long swim; we were in the water for nearly three hours. The last leg involved swimming up Newton Creek to Noss Mayo, where we discovered a fatal flaw in our plan; we were now pushing against the current. Not a good idea when you're tired and cold. So out we got and walked the rest of the way. A friendly couple took pity on us as they saw us walking past their house, looking a trifle weary. They brought us out teas and coffees to provide the final boost to get back to the pub.

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