Sunday, 10 April 2011

Return to the wreck

Kari was keen to come and see the wreck of the Louis Sheid, which I wrote about back in January (see previous entry). We headed for Thurlestone; it wasn't a particularly low tide so the top of the chimney wasn't visible. We found the wreck by swimming along, faces down, just looking; the water was lovely and clear and we swam over a stunning pink reef laced with all manner of seaweed, including some which was tinged fluorescent blue. Eventually we came across what looked to be the remains of a mast on its side, covered with weed and barnacles; we followed it and arrived at the main body of the ship. The picture to the left shows the part of the ship - a chimney or a stempost - which protrudes from the sea on a very low tide. We met a couple of friendly divers who were also there exploring.

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