Monday, 9 April 2012

The Ham Stone Adventure

Many times have I swum at Soar Mill Cove....and many times have I gazed out longingly at the Ham Stone, wanting to swim to it. (it's one of many features with a porcine theme off the South Devon coast; others include Gammon Head and Pig's Nose). Well today was the day I finally did it. Steph and I swam out through aquamarine sea; it was so clear we could still see the bottom about half way out to the island. As we approached, we realised it was two islands; a twisting gully separated them and we swam through, past huge ropes of weed that hung like a giantess's tresses. Well, I say we swam through, it's truer to say we were sucked through; there were deliriousy giddy eddies and whirlpools created by the force of the water. The water level dropped and rose anarchically as we were pulled along, cackling and screaming.

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