Monday, 16 April 2012

Mission Improbable

Some people dive for treasure. Others dive for, well, rowlocks. Anna and I had been summoned, 'in extremis' by James who had unfortunately lost his left rowlock. (or was it his right? Not sure, anyway, a man definitely doesn't want to be without either of his rowlocks.) We arrived at James' lake to find a letter held down by a stone on the jetty, with a hand-drawn map of the 'search area' and a note telling us we could keep any gold bars we found at the bottom, but could he please have his rowlock if we found it. Anna and I decided to try and be like the police and do a systematic search. We marked out an imaginary grid and went up and down, diving down and swimming along the bottom. Unfortunately all we could see was the odd stone and lots of tadpoles. Of the rowlock there was no sign. B*ll*cks to rowlocks.

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