Monday, 2 April 2012

Spring at Sharrah Pool

Today, walking through the woods in warm sunshine, the birds twittering around us, acid green buds appearing on the trees, and primroses and violets all around, it felt ludicrously like Spring. Sunbeams filtered through the branches and glittered on the beautiful - if rather low - waters of the Dart. If I'm honest, I was dreading getting in the water. I have avoided the river all winter. Its icy-dagger coldness is not something I enjoy in the dark months. Today though, it was time to make friends with the Dart again. And I am amazed to report that it was wonderful. Yes, of course it was cold, but I managed to get through the pain barrier and after about two minutes I was loving it. The water was so clear and clean and its freshness is exhilarating. Roll on summer!

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