Monday, 21 January 2013

A blast at Bugle

swimming out of the 'keyhole'

 Bugle Hole, a keyhole-shaped cove near Plymouth, is one of my most favourite places to swim.  It is an inlet in a dramatic series of rocks that fills up completely at high tide, making a natural swimming pool.  We set off on a freezing cold day.  It was dry, although somewhat overcast;  at the pool the dark clouds emphasised the dark greys and purples of the rocks. We plunged in and frolicked around before swimming out of the 'neck'of the keyhole into the ocean beyond.  At this point the sun came out and drenched us in light - so wonderful, and the water glowed a beautiful green too.  We enjoyed ourselves so much we stayed in far too long and got a little too cold.  However my new post-swim tipple - spiced rum - did the trick warming us up.  Exhilarating!

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