Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Toasty swimming

The great advantage of a drysuit is that you can wear your thermal longjohns while you go swimming.  Some might argue, why would you want to, but Amanda would not be in their camp.  She has a mission to be warm at all times.  We decided to test out her drysuit at Elberry Cove, where the water was an exotic emerald colour - just the sensory boost we needed in the dullness of winter.  We couldn't wait to get in, but were held up by the process of getting her into the suit.  We both got into a muck sweat wrestling with it, and had to cut the neck to get her head through. Once in the water, she floated around like the Michelin Man, and perfected a sort of aquatic waddling stroke, before working out how to let some of the air out. 

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