Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Lumpy at London

We'd planned to swim at London Bridge, a natural rock arch in Torquay, on a very low tide, to be able to explore the caves hidden within its depths, and also to get to see such lovelies as Dead Men's Fingers, Elephant Hide Sponge and the like. Unfortunately swelling seas, dancing waves (to put it nicely) and murky water put paid to that idea, but we still swam out to the arch, avoiding the seal that was hanging around closer inshore, sheltering from bad weather. It was actually a very beautiful and dramatic swim, as the sun kept popping out from behind the dark, glowering clouds, and we got carried up and down in the surges, with the stark outline of the arch ahead.   As we approached, we could see the sea foaming furiously through the gap, and decided not to go under the Bridge.  Thanks to Allan Macfadyen for the pictures.


Elwood Blues said...

Nice and calm in the shelter of Durl Rock.

Sophie said...

Ah, sounds good!