Sunday, 17 February 2013

Fog at Anstey's Cove

Anstey's Cove is mysterious at the best of times, but when wreathed with fog it is positively eerie.  We climbed down over the rocks and got into the beautiful green water; Allan and I swam over to look at a cave which is hidden behind rocks on the other side of the bay.  I was in two minds about swimming over as it was some distance and the water felt very cold, but I was driven on by my desire to see the cave. We kept going, passing some divers' floats, though we didn't see the divers.  By the time we got there we felt too cold to risk exploring and had to be content with a tantalising glimpse of the cave with its inner pool.  I felt anxious swimming back, worried about keeping going against the cold; in the end we were fine but the worry hampered my enjoyment of the swim. A lesson learnt I think.

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