Monday, 4 February 2013

The return of the light

This weekend I felt the glimmerings of hope that Spring is not far away.  We headed for Ayrmer Cove, a tucked away beach with striking slate cliffs that are so flat you could do your sums on them.  As we approached the sun glinted off the slate, in fact everything was drowned in bright, bright sunlight, so much so we felt like moles emerging from underground.  The beach was full of beautiful grey pebbles and masses of flotsam and jetsam.  The plan was to swim round to the next beach, Westcombe Cove.   Allan, Rachel and Stephanie did some, ahem,  'aquatic pilates' and then we set off and were quickly pulled out by a current; Allan and I kept near the coastline while Hugo, Stephanie and Jonathan were soon little blobs out in the open sea.  We squinted in the sun as we watched them swim, and then realised we could see Burgh Island over to the left.  We approached Westcombe, but decided not to swim all the way in to the beach, as we could feel it would be hard going.  On our way back Allan and I kept dodging some rather deceptive waves that kept sneaking up on us; even when in our depth it was a tough swim back in, going against the tide.

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