Thursday, 15 August 2013

Showing a rookie the ropes

Matt and I recently took out a charming Frenchman, Olivier Vergnault, on a wild swim. He works for the local paper, and we were hoping to get some coverage for our book.  We'd decided to take him to London Bridge,  a dramatic rock arch in Torquay.  It's a short, easy swim that never fails to make an impression, especially as you approach the arch; it looms above you spectacularly.

 However as he unwrapped his box-fresh new wetsuit, I started to wonder if we were mad taking him out; the calm clear seas were turning dark and choppy. What is usually a short, easy swim, turned out to be anything but, as not only was the wind against us, but to add injury to insult, there were jellyfish too.  Olivier confessed afterwards that he'd found the experience quite, ahem, challenging, but despite this he has asked to come out with us again! Read his hilarious report here.

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