Monday, 12 August 2013

Simple pleasures

I had a day with my goddaughter today; particularly precious as I am the only female in my household. She's 10, and a brave and adventurous swimmer.  We went to Maidencombe, a lovely little cove at the northern end of Torquay.  The cafe there is selling my book; we dropped off more copies before heading on down to the beach where we had two glorious swims in exceptionally clear water.  We swam along the left hand side of the beach, winding in and out of the rocks and gullies; we saw dark silhouettes of wrasse against the sand, like shadow puppets, and numerous shoals of glittering sand eels.  There are several great lumps of rock in the water which have fallen off the cliffs above; the water around them is blue and deep and we had fun climbing up the thickly barnacled ledges before hurling ourselves off the other side into the depths below.  Then it was back up the steps to the cafe for bacon rolls, before back down to the beach for more swimming.  A perfect summer's day.

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